Glory Be! She's FREE! We have a new Daughter!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 months down! YEAH!!

Guess what today is?

Two months into the wait for our baby girl!  WOW!  

Our Precious Ava,

Only a few more months until we get to meet you!  Your brother and sister are thrilled beyond words waiting for the special "call" announcing your arrival.   We talk about you every day and can't wait to meet you!  Wherever you are today--we are praying for you!  

Daddy & Mommy

Would you pray with us today?  Please pray for Ava's development and growth. Pray for all involved in bringing our baby home.  So many people are instrumental in Ava's adoption.  Today, we especially lift up Ava's birth mommy.   Whatever situation she faces, we pray for peace and protection.  

The Portillas

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Adoption Update--CC August

Greetings All!  

Blogging has slowed down for me this summer with the kiddos home!   We have had way too much fun doing all those fun summer things!  Here is an update (Thanks K. Bowman!) from our recent semi-monthly conference call with our agency, AWAA.  While I found it encouraging, I also was deeply saddened from some of the topics covered.

Some of the information seemed to change a bit from what we heard last time (CC in June) - I’m not sure if they are just more optimistic now, if things have changed to make estimates better, or what, but I definitely like what we heard.  Some highlights of interest:
The current “wait times” for families stands at 7-9 months for girls and toddlers. Boys are back to 5-7 months. So far the wait for girls is closer to 9 months.  
AWAA has a new orphanage partnership in the works!
The last 2 months (June & July), AWAA has met its goal of referring 10 children to families! Duni shared that she hopes that this will continue and that we might even be able to match more children with families (maybe 12-15 a month?!). There was a staffing change in Ethiopia that may be contributing to this change from the last conference call.
The lease on the current Transitional Home building runs out this fall, and AWAA hopes to not renew the lease; instead they hope to find a larger TH building to use so that more children can be housed at a time while they wait for their families! This is great news and please be in prayer that they are able to find a suitable location.
Culturally, girls are seen as “easier” to take care of than boys since they can find employment as maids or can be “married off.” In addition, girls are seen as being a part of the family forever (will take care of parents, etc.), whereas boys leave the family when they marry - hence the reason that there seem to be more boys in orphanages than girls.
Although the power rationing has stopped in the capital city, inflation has been huge (nearing 30%, Duni estimated). She encouraged all families to bring donations, especially diapers and formula.  MORE ON DONATIONS LATER!
Court dates (scheduling for Oct. 8th and beyond) will be requested for families with children referred to them during the court closures.
Those who get referrals during the court closure or in October when it re-opens can expect a 2-3 month wait to travel; Duni is hoping it won’t be 4 months. (For example, she hopes that a family getting a referral in August can travel in November.)
90 families are currently waiting for a referral; 15 families have referrals now (and are waiting for court dates in October); 4 families are traveling this week to pick up their children.

What YOU can pray for:

More infant girl referrals! (Seriously, continued referrals for all ages in both genders!)
Continued peace...
The orphanges and transitional home (those partnered with AWAA) are in desperate need of critical items.  Pray for provision.
There are 4 families this week in ET picking up their precious children.  Pray for grace in traveling and bonding to go smoothly with the children.  

What we are thankful for:

God's provision...we know that He will supply all our needs!  We received a financial blessing in July--God is moving!
The blessed time that I have had with my kids this summer.  It has been refreshing and so FUN!

Look for another update next week!

Love to all!