Glory Be! She's FREE! We have a new Daughter!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 1/2 months down!!! This is for you Cindy!

Hi all!  

I know, I know...I missed the 3 month mark!  My adoption friends know how qrueling the months of waiting can be--celebrating every month down is a victory in itself.   I do have a great excuse for being late---we had a little visitor by the name of Hurricane Ike.  We weathered the storm well but lost power for 14 days!  It was such a long time....I will never eat peanut butter again!

During our time of darkness, I really learned alot about myself.  There were some good days and some really bad days.   Our kids were awesome!  They were such troopers!  Abby studied by flashlight several days (Yes, she had school!)  Ben was shipped off to his grandparents for endless days of fishing and playing with his "Abo."  Needlless to say, he did not want to come home.  My wonderful hubby did a wonderful job of protecting us!  He is an awesome generator operator!  

So besides the storm, what has the last month looked like? Here are a couple of highlights!

* School had started!  Abby began the 8th grade and Ben the 5th. *
* My little business, Little Birdy Creations,  went wholesale.  Some of my products are in a store in Knoxville, TN *  Huge for me!!!!  
* WE DECORATED AVA JOY'S Nursery!  It was so fun!!!!  Ben and daddy put together the crib and dresser.  Abby was all about the decorations!  *

We are eagerly awaiting our referral call.  We have several months to go but are so excited about Ava Joy's arrival.  

On Oct. 11, we are headed to Austin to meet up with 7 other families who are adopting from ET (they are all from AW-our agency)!  We are looking forward to eating some traditional ET food and fellowshiping with other families.

We will also have our last family vacation of 4 at the end of the month!  It should not come as a surprise as to where we are going---DISNEYWORLD!  We were suppose to go in June but Tulio's job pushed us back a bit.  After our hurricane fun, we are really needing an escape to see Mickey.  Look for pictures next month!

Blessings to all!  Please continue lifting our family up in your prayers.