Glory Be! She's FREE! We have a new Daughter!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rain, Rain go away!

*** UPDATE ***  Everything concerning our home study update worked out beautifully!  We just have to amend the age range for our sweet girl at the whopping cost of $200!  Much better than $600!  THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!

I am not going to allow Satan to rain on my parade!

We just found out that we have to do an update to our home study, even though it is less than 1 yr. old.   New Texas laws (just passed in January) are requiring families to complete an update to your home study within 30 days of the placement of your child.  More paperwork and more money ($600) to tackle!    We were not expecting this!  We will move heaven and earth to bring Ava Joy B. home to us.

Please pray for the finances and for this process to move quickly!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes, We want HER!!!

Along with the referral of our daughter, comes a little mountain of paperwork.

Thought you might like to see one proud papa and mama!

WE HAVE A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are BLESSED beyond measure!!!  

This morning at 11:35 am we received the most precious phone call from our agency telling us that we had been matched with a referral of a gorgeous 2 yr. old daughter.


Today has been filled with so much joy and excitement!  We were able to visit with a lot of our family and friends.  

We are unable to post any pictures or give any details regarding our daughter until we pass court in Ethiopia.  

But rest assured... I will post lots of pictures when she is an OFFICIAL PORTILLA!!!!

I will be posting a video of us opening our referral email soon!



Friday, March 13, 2009

9 months & counting!

Today we hit our 9 month DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) waiting mark.

We have NO IDEA how much longer it will be.  God remains faithful and we are at peace!

Spring break is next week for the kids.  We have lots of fun things planned to take our minds off the waiting.  

We are thrilled to meet our adoption buddies, The Foote family, in Houston this weekend!  So excited!  

Continue praying...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We have a new lawn boy!

I was upstairs doing some laundry when my husband called me downstairs to take a look at our new lawnboy.

OMG!!!! He is way too young to be operating any electrical equipment, at all! Ben just turned 11 and Tulio said it is high time he started to do yard work!  All is can say is...pray. Pray hard.

P.S. He sure does look cute, doesn't he?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Glad the week is over!

Whew!  What a week.  TAKS testing, a birthday, work/school, reconnecting with a long-lost friend...

I wonder what next week holds--maybe a referral!  

I have been reading the Psalms.  This verse jumped off the pages today.

I trust you, O Lord.
I said, "You are my God."

My future is in your hands. 
 Psalm 31: 14-15

Help me to trust you God!  You have everything under control.  Your timing is perfect, help me remember.  You created our daughter and love her even more than we do.  Protect her from harm and sickness, shield her heart and emotions.  I surrender her to you Father.  I give my fears and worries to you.  Thank you God that we have the opportunity to be blessed through the gift of adoption.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March is getting EXCITING!

Thanks Cindy for the awesome update!!!

Today referrals began for the month of March.  The Mullins family received a referral for a 1 month baby girl.  The Bullingtons received a referral for a baby boy (I believe they were on the boy only list). And the Garner family received a referral- I know they received a referral for a girl - just not sure of the age.

So, here's the updated list (for "either" and "girl only")

1. Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08

2. Precopia - EITHER - 5/2/08

3. (1) Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08

4. (2) Delfosse - girl only - 5/9/08

5. (3) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08

6. (4) Bartley - girl only - 5/30/08

7. Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08

8. (5) - But really # 1 in line for a toddler girl!!! - PORTILLA- GIRL ONLY- 6/13/08

9. (6) Foote - girl only- 6/13/08

10.(7) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08

11.(8)) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

And here's the overall list of the top 10 or so waiting: (WE MADE THE LIST THIS TIME!)
Top 10 (that we know of) waiting for referral:

Bayly (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Precopia (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Taylor (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

Pickard (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

Delfosse (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl(s) (0 – 18 mos)

Bartley (DTE 5/30/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

Bushre (DTE 5/30/09) – either infant (0 – 6 mos)

Low (DTE 5/30/09) – boy (3 – 36 mos)

Portilla (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0- 3 years)

Foote (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

We could receive our call any day now!  The video camera is ready and the "call" plans are in place!  Please continue to pray for us!

The Portillas