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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little of everything...

We have been home for three weeks with our daughter, Berhanesh.  Considering all the major life changes, she is a real trooper!   What a true delight this child is!  Unbelievable joyful! 

Berhanesh is physically doing well.  All her lab work from Texas Children's has come back completely normal and her tummy issues are slowly getting better.  We have had Early Childhood Intervention to our home twice.  Berhanesh will be receiving some therapy to help strengthen her legs as well as assistance with language and motor skills.  We are super excited to see where this extra help will take her!  

We have had a number of friends and family visitors since we have been home.  I just want to send a HUGE Thank You to all of you!  Your love and support since arriving home has been tremendous.  We are blessed to have such a large group of loved ones!   Little Miss B is warming up to many of you, it is so fun to watch the interaction!   

We did go to church this morning.  I was super nervous!  We attend a very large church and Berhanesh was super overwhelmed when we first arrived.  Her daddy was able to calm her fears and she sat on his lap, holding his hand and rubbing his face, during the worship time.  We moved to the family viewing room for the preaching part and B did GREAT!  She was so excited to go and get big sis and brother from their classes.  Overall, it was a success!  

There were many "firsts" this week:  James Coney Island hot dog, ice-cream, family get-together (cuban style...HUGE!),  church.  

This is the last week of the go back to school in one week.  We have a freshman in High School-YIKES! and a sixth grader.  This is going to be a fabulous school year!  


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Debi said...

Hi Kara,
Sounds like little Berhanesh is adjusting well. She looks very happy to be home. I wish I was close enough to see her and your family in person.
I loved your sister's sweet words. I had to go to the posting on her blog to see the pictures- hopefully the girls will always be great friends.
Love and hugs and prayers,