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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now I know that the Easter bunny is a Big Fat LIAR!

I love the holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, St. Patty's--all of them. I decorate for every season---all year long. It is all about the magic and imagination. This "habit" began when my children were very little. Someone told me (my father--in all his wisdom) "Life is too short for your kids to not believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. One day your kids will be grown and they will remember these magical moments."

OKAY---I totally believe in my father’s wisdom
HOWEVER this fun habit has grown into a full-fledged, humongous LIE! I always knew that I was a liar; I just did not know how BIG this lie would grow. What started out very small with a couple of Easter bunnies scattered around, a huge Easter basket delivered on Easter Sunday morning (by the Easter bunny himself) is NOW...out of control!

This last Easter our son, Ben, was so excited about the Easter bunny coming (
YES, he is 10!) We dyed eggs, made confetti eggs (Big mess!) and put out the carrots and celery. Let me just say right now---I THINK my kids know I am the Easter bunny BUT I would never, ever tell them the truth! I want them to believe that a big, nasty, talking rabbit enters our precious home to deliver them a bunch of “crap!”

Now that I have that established…

Ben would not go to sleep, he lay awake for hours. Finally at 2:30 am he nodded off to a land of Star Wars and
Webkinz. My husband and I quickly placed the Easter baskets out and headed to bed. At 6:00 am, I felt this tugging on my arm---guess who it was! NO, it was not Matthew.

BUT my adorable child, Ben. “Mom, hurry, hurry, I think the Easter bunny came.” After poking my husband twenty times in the ribs, he FINALLY got up to go see. Yes, the Easter Bunny came!

It gets better…

I thought that I would be practical in the basket filling this year since we are saving for an adoption; I am trying to be more frugal and less impulsive (very hard, shopping
is my therapy). Abby got some basic makeup and markers and a couple of pieces of candy hidden in eggs. Ben got markers, candy of course AND these really cool bathtub fizzes made by Crayola. I thought it was a fun idea until….

This is what I saw….

My precious, sweet boy had turned
BLUE! I was completely shocked upon entering the bathroom. He was thrilled! The directions clearly state—"use one or two colored tablets to enhance watercolor." Ben used ALL the blue tablets. I sent my little boy into take a bath and out came a SMURF!

By the way, Ben has been looking for the
red Crayola tablets—I am not sure where they are---the LIE goes on and on and on...


Beautiful Craziness said...

That is hilarious! They have to know the truth right? They must? My philosopy, let them live in a land filled with Santa and candy, bunnies, elves and gifts as long as possible! When reality hits, it hits hard so if they want to stay in a fairyland, more power!

Amanda Eck said...

aahhahahahaha that is too funny! and so glad you got a pic. of it. You will have to use that one against him one day.

Paige said...

Ok, I agree with you that the kids should believe in magic as long as possible. I even tell my kids straight out that there is a Santa--even my 14 year old. But this year, exhaustion won out. The night before Easter, I was so tired when we got home, and for some reason my husband had "things to do" that couldn't wait and he wasn't prepared to help do the Easter thing. So, I told my kids to go up and get ready for bed, and told my oldest son to get his pj's on and then come back down. He told me he was tired, but I told him I needed his help. When he came back down, I said, "You get to help the Easter bunny this year", and handed him a bunch of plastic eggs and some candy and basically said "start filling these". No explaination, no asking if he believed or not, just a simple help, please, and he went to work. I filled the baskets (like you, trying to go easy on the overdose of candy, so the kids each got a movie in their baskets and not so much candy), and then he helped hide the eggs.

And I LOVE the smurf! Did it take long to get him back to normal color?

Jill said...

I am laughing SOOOOO hard right now, of course it's 4:30 in the morning, so I'm a little delirious right now, but I think even if I was reading this in the middle of the day, I probably would have burst out laughing just as hard!!!!! What a great story and memory. LOVE IT!!!