Glory Be! She's FREE! We have a new Daughter!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

1 month until Court Date & Mail Surprise!

1 month from today, our case goes before a judge in Ethiopia to determine if B$%$^% will legally become a Portilla. Forever.

Yesterday, we made an awesome paper chain to count down the days until this important day.  We have it hanging over our kitchen table.  Every night at dinner we will pull a loop and pray for this judge and for favor over our sweet daughter.  We love her so much already!  We are ready to have her join us.

What a WONDERFUL surprise we received in the mail yesterday!  Our friend, Sarah Moffatt, sent us Ava's hand and foot print.  WOW!!!  To touch the same paper she touched--very cool!  I was in awe of her tiny fingerprints and her darling foot.  They were much smaller than I thought they would be.  I immediately went to a local children's store and measured the foot print.  It is a size 3 in infant/toddler shoes.  I bought the CUTEST!!!  shoes for her!  Can't wait to see her in them.  

Abby was at a girls' conference at church yesterday.  When she arrived home I handed her the piece of paper with Ava's prints on it.  OH MY GOSH!!!   Priceless moment!  When she open the paper she was instantly in awe, exclaiming how little Ava really is.  THEN--she placed her hand over Ava's hand print and said. "Mom, her hand is so little, how will it ever fit in mine"?   To see my oldest baby girl cover her hand over our new baby girl's hand was pure joy!   

We are anxiously awaiting a report from our adoption agency containing *updated* information about Ava.  It should come this week.


nell ann said...

Oh Kara -- what a sweet sweet gift! Hand and foot prints as well as a precious moment with Abby. : )

Beautiful Craziness said...

Girlie, that made me cry! One month! Wow, I guess that hadn't sunk in. Love you...