Glory Be! She's FREE! We have a new Daughter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We have a COURT DATE!!

I received an email from our adoption agency today announcing that we have a court date scheduled in Ethiopia.

Our date is...May 26th!

Please begin praying for some specific things:

*  All paperwork would be in order.
*  The judge residing over our case would grant favor the FIRST time.
*  Direction and guidance within our agency and all parties involved in helping bring our sweet daughter home!  They work long hard hours to ensure our children are united with their forever family.

Also, please continue to pray for Ava Joy Bi**** .  Pray for comfort and her health.    We are praying that God would prepare her heart for another big change coming to her little life.

There are many, many factors that could affect our court date.  So many to list!  It would rattle your brain to see all that has to happen.  But we serve a mighty God who is MIGHTY TO SAVE!!  We are praying for Ava's release.  Please join us!


Cindy Foote said...

PRAYING!!!!!!! Can't believe how fast you got your court date and how soon it is!!! Awesome! Love you - C

nell ann said...

Wow! You received a court date so quick! Congrats on that! I'm excited your court date is so soon!!! I know the dates have really been filling up so the end of May is great! We still need to get together to celebrate. I'll email you now! : )

Robin said...

Congratulations! I'm enjoying following your journey.