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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Confession among random things

There are so many things swarming in my heart and head.  I am not sure where to start!

First, let me start by saying that I had the best. ever. surprise shower this past weekend.  My sister-in-law is the BEST and along with my husband's family gave our daughter a beautiful "hurry home" party!  My favorite part of the night was the prayer said over our sweet Ava by my brother-in-law, Orlando.  As custom with our family, before any meal, we all (sometimes 20 + people) squeeze in and gather round and pray!  The words he spoke were precious to a momma's heart!  THANKS GUYS!!!  Ava is so loved!

Second, there have been some changes to the Ethiopian program over the last week that makes my heart so incredibly heavy.   There are basically two types of adoption cases:  relinquishment and abandonment.  Our daughter's case is that of relinquishment.  Our daughter is a full orphan, meaning both her biological parents are deceased.  However, her uncle relinquished her.  While this does not directly affect our specific case, it does make the judges move forward with EXTREME CAUTION!  This is good thing!  Part of my rejoices (sort of) that the government of Ethiopia is concerned about their children being released as TRUE orphans.  I am thankful that all is being done in the best interest of the children!   My friend Cindy, describes it best:

"We received an email from our agency saying that due to an unusually high number of abandonment cases, Ethiopia is suspicious of corruption and must do an investigation to make sure agencies are not just saying "abandonment" in order to ease through court and -well - be involved in criminal activity resembling baby trafficking. In order to do that investigation the MOWA is refusing to write "Letters of Recommendation" (which is necessary to present in court in order to have a successful court appointment) for all abandonment cases in Addis Ababa. That means that families who received their referrals 2 and 3 months ago - who have waited all this time for their court date (which many are this week - one was supposed to be last night!) - and who have looked at their baby's faces change and grow as they wait - now cannot received that necessary letter from the MOWA and therefore cannot pass court until this investigation takes place. This in an indefinite delay as we have NO IDEA how long ET will take to do this investigation. There are A LOT of families in complete grief today as they were SO CLOSE to getting through court and getting their babies and now they have NO IDEA when that will happen."

To make sure you know this - it is NOT our agency who is under investigation. It is the entire system. 

Please join me in prayer for the families that are directly impacted by this change.

Lastly, our court date is 13 days away!  I am a bundle emotions... nervous, anxious, scared, excited!  I am fully confident in our agency and their ability to handle our case and I am more confident in the God I serve.  I believe in the deepest part of my soul that Ava is our daughter.  That she is an ordained part of our family.  That her story is a great story, not a story of sadness and defeat but one of hope and VICTORY!  I admit I often struggle with the "unknown."  What really happened in the first two years of her little life, what does she remember, how will she react to another new, scary situation with a family full of white people.  But, I am so reminded of what God has promised me, "Kara, I know the plans I have for you... Jeremiah 29:11.   There are days (like everyday now!)  that I find myself wandering in my thoughts trying to imagine Ava's situation, all that she has been through.  As much as I WANT TO, I cannot fathom the sort of gut wrenching pain she must have endured!  It is humbling to Tulio and I, knowing, that the God of the universe would entrust such a precious, precious gift into our care.  
As we move closer to our court date, I am PLEADING with you to pray for our family.  Things have gone very smoothly for our us.  We really have not had any problems nor hiccups in this process.  International adoption is ever changing.  We may sit in a comfortable place today but the rug can be pulled out from under us tomorrow.  Our family is in DESPERATE NEED of prayer for the following:

1.  All our paperwork would be in the correct order to proceed and travel.

2.  The judge and MOWA would find our case favorable the FIRST time (30 % of all cases do not pass court the first time.)

3.  Ava's birth uncle would arrive in Addis for the court hearing.  He is from another village, very far away and needs to travel and leave his home behind!  We are believing for a MIRACLE for all the details (which we do not know) to make this happen.  Without him present, we will NOT pass court.  Therefore, creating delay after delay.

4.  For Ava's continued safety, protection and health.  In our last update, our agency reported that Ava is very reserved and quite.  Please pray that her reservations and shyness are that of a true personality and that she is not totally frightened!  

5.  Travel plans!  We have some tickets on hold for travel.  Please pray that God will smooth out all travel plans and childcare for Abby and Ben.  We are not too anxious about this but would appreciate the covering over our safety and our children while we are in another land.
Most of you that know me, know how important music is in my life.  It is my heartbeat, the thing that ministers to me most.  During the last couple of weeks there has been a CD that has capture my attention and is getting me through the most difficult moments.  It is by
Gateway Worship-Wake Up the World.   {My friend, Jill Brewer, directed the choir for this project.  Jill and I go waaaay back to Colleyville, TX. where our husbands' were on staff at the same church.   What a great family!!!  Love and miss them.}  There are two specific songs that speak so directly to me:   We Cry Out and Save Me.  WOW!!!  Super powerful.  I am going to download them to my blog for you to enjoy.  Thanks Gateway for being led by the spirit in worship!  

Love you all!


Cindy Foote said...

OH!! So happy they threw you a shower! That had to make your heart so happy!!! We are praying over your court date!!! Love you -C

Debi said...

Hi Kara,
I loved the music!
The "Hurry Home" party for Ava sounds amazing. Little Ava is already so loved and prayed for.
I am praying for your family, little Ava, and her uncle. I pray for a passing of court on the 26th and that God's grace and power and glory would be revealed in the days ahead.
God is faithful and He will do it.

Love and hugs and prayers,