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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet Ava B.

Today we received an INCREDIBLE update from our treasured friends, Billy and Cindy Foote.  (I have posted a portion of the email below). They were able to take a care package to Ava B. and also shot some video and more photos.  They are in Ethiopia now picking up little Gracie-Lu.  I am overwhelmed with so many different emotions.  I just want to bring my daughter HOME!  PLEASE pray for us... our 2nd court date is in 2 days.  Thursday, June 11, we will find out if we found favor with a judge in Ethiopia.  I am requesting prayer also for Ava's heart as another HUGE transition will be happening in her life...soon.  


I want to share a few encouraging words with you today!!!

Your sweet baby girl is just that – sweet! She is GENTLE and so very reserved. We tried our hardest to get her to laugh, but the more we tried the more scary we looked to her and I didn’t want to make her cry. We got great video and pictures of her. We blessed her and just stroked her hair and her arms. Her hair is soft and her eyes are amazing. She is one of those babies who just needs one on one attention and she will blossom and thrive. She is just tentative and scared when it comes to meeting new people or having a camera in her face. She is such a doll. She just stared deep into us the whole time. You can see a million questions swirling around in her head. I think she is probably very observant and inquisitive but too reserved to let you in on what she is thinking. You are the perfect family for her! We love her so much already! 

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Debi said...

Hi Kara,
What an awesome update from Cindy. It must be SO hard to be so far from her. I pray that God would bridge the distance with His love.
I am praying for sweet Ava Joy's heart in the big changes she will be facing.
I am and will continue to pray for favor in the court room in Ethiopia for Ava and your family.
God loves you and little Ava. You are in His hands, on His heart and never out of His sight.
Love and hugs and prayers,