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Monday, July 20, 2009

Meetcha Day!

What an amazing day! 


We first started out in our guest home, filling out the necessary documents for the embassy appointment on Wednesday.  It was funny—people messing up, including me, because we were so nervous!


We then headed off for lunch at Lucy's.  It was very tasty.  I had ravioli and Tulio had a curry chicken lunch.  He also had a strong Ethiopian beer.  It begin raining during lunch.


Off we were to meet our kids.  I felt giddy, not too nervous!  The roads were bumpy, due to the rain mud was every.   After traveling awhile, on of our guides said, "We are almost there."  That is when I became a bundle of nerves and fear.  The moment had finally come!  After 17 ½ longs months, we were about to be united with our child.  VERY SURREAL moment!


We turned the last corner and there we saw "the sign" that said America World and the big silver gate!  We filed off the van and immediately the children began being brought to us in alphabetical order.  We were next to last.  Out walks little Berhanesh holding a nanny's hand.  I bent down and she WENT TO ME!  She held on to her mommy like it was the most natural moment.  She let me hold her, talking to her softly.  Tulio and were able to trade and he held her for a while.  SHE IS PERFECT!!!!  We walked into the home and sat on the couch, Berhanesh never let go.  We played bubbles and with an inflatable Disney ball (which she loved).  She did not like playdough—maybe the texture.  She ate a couple of Gerber puffs but did not know what to do with the Tic Tac I pulled out.  Berhanesh did not make too much eye contact, which is normal.  About an hour into our visit the nanny came and said it was time for lunch.  She became very clingy at this point.  She did not want to get down, nor did she want to eat.  The nannies spoke to her and she sorta wimpered.  I just held her.  She seemed unhappy while back in "her" room. We could not get her to eat or drink but that was fine.    We went from there to play outside a bit.  She wobbles from side to side, it must be from the HUGE belly.  I mean it is really BIG!    So Precious!  After playing outside, we went back to the couch were we played some more and she ate a few more Gerber puffs.  When it was time to leave, she looked so sad.  She did not cry, just sort of accepted that we were leaving.  I am not sure if she knew we were coming back or we were just another nice white couple who played with her for awhile. 


Tulio and I are over the moon with joy!  The first visit went way better than we ever dreamed.  PLEASE pray for Berhansh today—she had a terrible cough and runny nose.  The doctor is going to take a look at her before we come.  PLEASE pray for her heart to adjust to the huge transition that will occur today.


Tulio and I are feeling fine.


ABBY AND BEN—Ava Joy is Precious—she has the most adorable little laugh.  She raises her eyebrows a lot too.  Her hair is soft and she is DELICIOUS!  We miss you!


I will write later about my massage and our traditional ET dinner!  SUPER FUN and yummy!


Love you all,


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Cindy Foote said...

My heart is so happy for you! When I saw her smiling in your arms I couldn't believe it! God is so good! She knows who you are and she is going home!!! WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Melodie Monberg said...

I love it! I love the look of joy on your faces, I love the raincoats becuase it means its nice and cool and I love that she knew who you were! Will pray for that cold!


Erica said...

What a wonderful day! I couldn't help but cry tears of joy as I read the post. You have waited so long and God has finally brought a happy ending to this journey. I can't wait to read more about your travels. Praying for you every day throughout the day!

Erica R.

williamandshelley said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! We are so happy for you! Enjoy your time there - y'all look great!

Beautiful Craziness said...

The kids were thrilled to see her smiling! They are doing great! Going to the pool hoping it won't rain. give lots of kisses to Ava! BTW we are watching scarface tonight with the kids hope that's ok! HA ha! Love...

Debi said...

Kara and Tulio,
My heart is filled with joy at the sight of Ava Joy finally in your arms. She is amazing and precious and so worth the wait.
Love and hugs and prayres,