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Monday, July 6, 2009

Travel Plans and Packing! OH MY!

What a happy weekend we had!  We spent the ENTIRE July 4th weekend giving our kids' rooms a redo before baby sister comes home!  We painted and cleaned carpets, hung some new curtains.  It was super fun, NOT!!!  We hate painting! is where we are in our travel plans.  We do have tentative travel dates and tickets on hold.  We should know concrete travel plans around the middle of the week.  We have pretty much decided to leave on July 18 and return July 25.  We will fly Ethiopian Airlines out of Dulles.  FOR ALL YOU CRAZY STALKERS OUT THERE--we have a FEROCIOUS dog who will bite you in all the wrong places if you mess w/our home while we are away!  Did that scare you away?  IT SHOULD!  

We have started the long process of packing...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL!!!!  We really are going...soon!

Ava has a really good friend, Jane-Grace,  in the Transition Home in ET.  Her parents are there now, picking her up to come home.  While there, this precious family will be taking the last set of photos of Ava Joy and delivering her 4th care package.  Today, they met our girl and this is what she said on her blog, 

The children in the TH are beautiful. There were definitely some big babies and I could hear the school aged kids learning. There are some amazing kids there! I recognized the Korson's oldest
daughter and Ava. Kara- she is stunning. You will be blown away when
you see her in person. I look forward to taking pix for all our 4
families tomorrow."

Made me smile!  The really cool thing is Ava's special friend only lives a few hours from Houston.  I am sure there will be many play dates in the future!  You can follow Jane-Grace's story here.

More details to come!


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