Glory Be! She's FREE! We have a new Daughter!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm a bad, bad blogger!

For the two readers that are still following me (Aunt Mary and her friend!).  So sorry for the lack of posts.  We are all doing super, just busy!

Berhanesh and I spend most of our days...playing!  

Last week, we celebrated 3 amazing months with our daughter home with her forever family.  In the 3 months that B has been home, she has gained 7 pounds and grown 3.5 inches!  She is blossoming right before our eyes!  I love watching her grow, physically and emotionally.  We are confident B's little personality is beginning to emerge.  Some days are better than others, the memories are still there.  We will probably never know what she remembers, but the look that comes across her face is something I will never forget.  I don't want to.   New memories will replace the sorrow and sadness but I pray that I will always be sensitive to her "story."   

Things we have learned about Ava Berhanesh so far:

*  Berhanesh loves Dora and Diego.   
*  Goldfish and apple juice have once again, become a staple in our home!
*  All Berhanesh's babies have to naked, all the time!  This drives Gaga crazy!  
*  Cell phones are very popular with Ethiopian princesses.
*  Berhanesh's language is growing every day.  When she gets really excited, she jumbles all the words together.  Makes no sense, at all.  But it does bring a great laugh!
*  Prayer is really important to this little girl!  Just today, she began praying on her own.  When it was her turn to pray at bed time, she said "Jesus, I love you.  Thank you cookie, halloween, Gaga no hurt arm and then a bunch of rattling and then Amen."  When she prays, she throws her head all the way back and prays with such excitement!   If we could all be like this!
*  Loves music...funky music.  The funkier, the better.  Although, there are times when I have Kari Jobe on in the car, really loud and I am just singing...I look back and she is totally joining in.  I have been know to raise my hands at the stop light while singing and I sometimes see her doing this!  OH MY GOSH!!!  Melts me to a puddle!  What an honor to share with her the love and power of Jesus!  
*  Coffee con leche is a must in the morning!  
*  Sleeps all night (11-12 hours) in panties!  No accidents!  Unbelievable bladder control!  Naps are still around 30 min.-1 hour.  Enough time for me to potty by myself and do a load of laundry.  Fun!

We went to Seaworld a couple of weeks ago and she loved Shamu!  Was not too fond of the jack-o-lanterns in the park (she calls then naughty pump-i-kins)!   

What you all want to see!  Enjoy the photos!


Robin said...

I'm a follower too! And I've been wondering how things were going. Thanks for the update. What a beautiful family!

Debi said...

I am an unofficial follower!!
I love the updates and pictures.
How perfect that God would give you a little one with a heart for Him and prayer and music!!
Love and hugs and prayers,

ruth said...

yes keep it coming because I always read and am looking for your new posts. Can't wait to meet Miss B at Thanksgiving!

What a blessing you have in her!



Jill said...

I check your blog all the time!!! It's soooo good to see you guys growing together!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)


Jill said...

I check your blog all the time!!! It's soooo good to see you guys growing together!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)