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Monday, November 16, 2009

Happenings at Home!

I seriously can't wait this long between posts!  So many things can happen in our home in one week and when I don't post, I don't remember.  Call it old age or the busy mom of three.  I am just plain forgetful these days!  

We celebrated Little Miss B's first halloween!  I had a blast making her costume (Abby's too)!  Cookie Monster is no longer her favorite but very close in the running to Dora and Diego!  She LOVED trick-or-treating.  She actually is still trick-or-treating EVERYDAY at home.  She brings her little red purse to us and says "trick-or-treat,"  we pretend to put something in her purse!  So fun!  

We have visited Hobby Lobby a few times and explored the Christmas section.  I am a little nervous that she may become overwhelmed.  I am trying to prepare her by showing her things and letting her touch different christmas items.   She is loving the trees!  I can't wait until we put ours up!    I am not sure how she will react to presents and Santa.   Guess we will have to see...

As many of you know, we had quite the scare a couple of weeks ago with Berhanesh's health and spent the night at the hospital.  She developed a very high fever, very quickly and needed lots of iv fluids.  We are blessed to have a Godly doctor who prayed with us and directed us to the best care.   During times like these, I am GRATEFUL that I have a support system within my family, friends and my Yahoo Group.  I KNEW that my friends from all over the US (most I have never met) would lift our daughter up to the Lord in prayer!  The blessings that come from adoption are amazing!  I never dreamed that I would be connected in such a powerful way to so many families.  Thank you for believing for our daughter's healing and for standing in the gap for us!  

Little B went to some dark places during her hospital stay.  So many emotions were displayed on her sweet face.  The sadness and pure terror were awful to watch.   Trust was lost and Tulio and I fought hard to gain it back.  There were obvious memories and demons our daughter battled along with being sick.   We are hopeful that she is once again gaining confidence that we ARE her forever family and that we will NEVER leave her. We believe that God will use this experience to strength the bond between us.   Berhanesh is having some memories of Ethiopia.   At random times, things are mentioned and we believe she is remembering.  At bedtime last week, I was laying down with her and she said, "Me, Ethiopia, mommy got me and daddy too."  Then she wanted to know why Abby and Ben did not come.  We told her they were getting her room ready.   When we pray, she prays for Ethiopia.   She is trying so hard to process all the changes.  B trys to convey to us what she is thinking.  She pauses and tries to get the words out correctly.    Can you imagine?  Being so young, having lost so much, taken away from everything you have ever known (whether good or bad) and being placed in a home where everything and everyone is different?    When I become frustrated and feel things are not progressing in the way in which I think it should...I just need to remember the road my daughter has traveled.  

As we approach Thanksgiving, all I can say is WOW!!!  I am blessed beyond measure.  

Blessings to you and yours!


Allison said...

Love the cookie monster outfit!! We miss you guys....let's get together sooner than later. Although, we saw each other two days ago and the guys had lunch today....what am I saying??

Cindy Foote said...

Love this post. B is soooooo stinkin' cute! Love and miss you guys.


Debi said...

Great costumes!!
Sorry to hear that sweet B. got sick. That explains why God had me praying for her and your family a litte extra. I will continue to pray for your sweetie. It is always so fun to see your kids smiling faces.
Love and hugs and prayers,