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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Garage Sale Success!

WOW! Tulio and I are amazed at the results from our garage sale today! We made around $830. Another awesome thing---we had a donor generously give a matching gift for our sales. The result equaling $1660. AMAZING! God is good! We started our day early at 3:30 am. I followed Tulio in our fully loaded rented Uhaul to The Woodlands Town Center. We waited behind 24 eager sellers until 5 am to unload our treasures. I have to admit, I was worried how Tulio and I were going to unload everything by ourselves. Upon entering the garage, I noticed a bunch of happy teenagers (at 5 am!) walking around the parking garage. I rolled down my window, and asked them if they were looking for something to do and they eagerly said, "Yes!" I said--FOLLOW THAT U-HAUL. We parked into our spot, told these kids that we were having a adoption fundraiser and within 20 minutes our Uhaul and car were not only fully unloaded but our spot was completely set up! It was so incredible! This fun group of teenagers was so great to us. It did not stop at them helping us set up. They brought us water three times and asked over and over if we needed more help! As I write this, I am still in AWE! On Monday morning--I am heading straight to the high school to compliment these kids! They deserve it!

This fundraising event could not have been as successful without the help of some awesome family, friends and neighbors. To you--we say thanks! You are helping us bring our precious baby girl home from Ethiopia. I can't wait to tell Ava the stories of God's faithfulness while we waited for her!

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Qtpies7 said...

That is truly lovely! The kids in our church are like that. That is why we joined the church, the kids just blew us away and we wanted our kids raised with friends like that. And our kids are like that, too.
We had a baked goods auction at church yesterday and I bid on a raspberry torte. A teenager bought it, and her mom had made it!!! Well, she cut it up and drove a piece of it to each person who had bid on it! Isn't she the sweetest?!?